What's Project: Risk Leader?

YOU: to the C-Suite and Beyond

Project: Risk Leader is a resource for executives and aspiring executives doing work in the areas of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Audit and IT/Security.

It’s for people who recognize that the same skills, attitudes and behaviors that got them where they are, will not guarantee entrance into the highest echelons of corporate leadership or the C-Suite.

It's for people who know (more than) enough about their risk-based work, but may not know as much about the "people" side of risk-based work.

Is that you?

If so, then you know you have to do more. You have to become more.

But how?

Here, for the first time is a resource dedicated to the human side of doing risk-based work.

Project: Risk Leader has the resources and tools that teach you how to elevate your influence within the organization. To be, at last, that person who can see a vision of a stronger, better-performing organization and know how to lead your organization to it. We’re talking about the leadership skills you need to guide an organization beyond the risks, and to be part of the executive team that focuses on overall principled performance.

Let’s take on this project together. This project called YOU: to the C-Suite and Beyond.

Houston, We Have a Problem...

You Told Us...

What’s the number one challenge you face in your role?

We asked, you answered, and that’s why we created Project: Risk Leader.

Turns out your biggest problem has nothing to do with risk. It has to do with leadership and the human side of risk.

The #1 challenge you face in the workplace

This is just a sampling of results from a study performed in 2018 by OCEG. More than 1,300 respondents shared their views in an online survey.

Does this sound familiar? If so, get your FREE toolkit now.

Why a "Human Approach"

Making the business case; gaining the financial support; getting senior leadership buy-in; and creating a culture of governance, risk and compliance awareness doesn’t require more subject matter education.

Doing these things requires more personal development and more education about interpersonal skills.

Making strides in those areas requires knowing how to:

These are just a few of the topics you’ll find in Project: Risk Leader. These are human skills required for the next 20 years and beyond. You’ve found the source.


We write about and curate the wisdom of leaders in the fields of business, leadership, psychology, personal development, communications and relationships to bring you Project: Risk Leader.

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Emotional intelligence and its value

Your presence and how to elevate it

Professional leadership development

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Understanding business and industry

Learning the language of the C-Suite

Communicating through conflict

Icon of persuasion

Consensus building and achievement

Motivations of those around you

Strategies for selling your ideas

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Empathy, what it is and why it’s a must

Relationship building beyond the business

Becoming a resource rather than an inhibitor

Innovating Yet Again...

Project: Risk Leader is proudly presented by OCEG and its members who, after more than 15 years of experience and over 1,300 interviews discovered how important it is to address the human side of risk.

OCEG is an innovator in this industry (and the inventor of GRC) and Project: Risk Leader is its next big advancement in improving company performance through integrated governance, risk and compliance. Project: Risk Leader represents a collaboration between OCEG, our Advisory Board and our Strategic Sponsor.

Thanks to their investment of time and resources, all the valuable content on this site is available to you for FREE



When C-Suite leadership and risk leadership are the same.


To provide the knowledge risk executives need to elevate them and their role to C-Suite leadership, C-Suite decision-making.

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