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After hearing from 1,378 leaders in Risk, Compliance, Audit and IT Security, we learned what they want: To elevate their influence and impact in the c-suite and beyond. To get there, Risk Leader is what they need.

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Build a Strong Business Case

Learn how to craft a compelling story around your idea and develop the financial foundation to gain project approval. Then discover the techniques to garner support and participation within your organization. All the guidance, language and templates you need to transform departmental risk tactics into an enterprise risk discipline are here.

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Build Strong Teams

Determine the jobs to be done and discover your team’s natural strengths. Find the gaps. Then use our methods and metrics to help you fill positions with the right people. We cover recruiting tactics, training, compensation, recognition and continual improvement methods that drive results.

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Build Strong Relationships

You need buy in. You need participation. That takes understanding and trust, a.k.a., relationships. You’ll learn how to think, talk, write and interact beyond the spreadsheet and the presentation deck. Get the skills and methods you need to forge genuine relationships with people in your organization and move the needle on risk.

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Build a Strong Career

What do you want from your career and what pathway will deliver it? Your first step is self-discovery to set goals for your future. Then you learn how to connect with people, find mentors and communicate your own “personal brand” through your words and actions. Create a complete career path with timelines and milestones, techniques and metrics.

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Making a Winning Business Case: Step-by-Step

As risk, compliance, internal audit and IT security executives, we are skilled at the art and science of risk management. However, making the business case must balance those facts with the art and science of persuasion.

Join Scott Mitchell, chairman of OCEG and the Risk Leader Advisory Board; and Karl Kimball, former SVP at Bank of America as they walk through step-by-step model to make a winning business case for your risk-based work.

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Learn about the Winning Business Case Model to create a compelling conceptual, analytical and pitch model that your audience will love including:

  • The Concept
  • The Analysis
  • The Pitch
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What People are Saying

Risk Leader’s time is now. Never has the human side of risk been more important. And we’re making an impact.

I’ve been to countless seminars, have achieved several certifications, but only Project: Risk Leader has helped me understand myself and develop my people skills. Those skills are just as important as my GRC knowledge.

This was an awakening for me. I was speaking the wrong language. I was talking about risk and everyone else was talking about growth. Now I know how to connect the two. What a difference!

I never thought of my role as being a sales role. Project Risk Leader helped me see that, then they gave me the tools to build and sell the business case for risk.

Many thanks!
A must for any risk practioner.

We Help You With the Human Side of Risk

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You are a subject matter expert in your field. But are you a subject matter expert in yourself? Emotional intelligence, behavioral tendencies, attitudes, motivations all play a role in your success. Know thyself!

Icon of communication

You have daily conversations, you have tough conversations. Are you an expert at handling good, neutral and bad news? Communications is words, but it is also tone, delivery and timing. Are you using the language of a manager or of a leader?

Icon of persuasion

Don’t think you’re in sales? Think again! Your role demands the disciplines of persuasion. It’s not that your audience of C-Suite executives won’t buy, maybe it’s because you’re not selling. Learn how to make the case and get what you want.

Icon of relationships

Business is about relationships, first and foremost. People want to work with people they like. Who do we like? People we can trust. Make building a culture of trusting relationship inside and outside of your department a non-negotiable.